Just Compensation!

South Africa’s wealthy and privileged owe a direct
debt to those whose lives paid for the industry on which
the South African economy was built.

Occupational lung diseases
are a direct result of profit-seeking industries
that form the foundation of our economy.


Just Administration!

For 120 years Mining companies and the South African state have failed to make mines safe from harmful conditions that cause these diseases.

Although Laws to protect miners against dust have been in place since 1903, mining companies have not been held accountable for breaking these laws.

They have also failed to provide adequate medical care for miners they have made sick.

Current laws governing compensation
make it very difficult for ex-miners living in rural areas and outside the borders of South Africa to access compensation.

South African state institutions tasked with certifying and
compensating sick miners are dysfunctional and
have huge backlogs of unprocessed claims.

Sick miners have been sent home to die in their rural communities.
The gold mining industry has shifted the burden of care
to their wives and families.

To demand just compensation, miners initiated a class action court case
against the gold mining companies in 2004

Thirty two of South Africa's gold mining companies including
Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Harmony Gold, Randgold, DRD Gold and African Rainbow Minerals are accused of,

"...failing to protect the health of the employees when they were legally bound to do so and as a result causing (the mine workers) to contract TB and silicosis", Deputy Judge President Phineas Mojapelo

In the 2018 out-of-court settlement, gold mining companies have agreed to set aside R5 billion for compensation claims
over the next 12 years.
While the settlement may be considered as a victory,
it is only the beginning of a struggle for justice
which demands YOUR SUPPORT


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Without widespread awareness of these conditions and increased pressure on industry and the state, industry will literally get away with murder when the settlement period lapses after 12 years.

Sick miners and their families have been living in abject poverty and suffering caused by disease while waiting for the promise of compensation.

Some have already died without being compensated.


  1. JUST COMPENSATION – Speedy and equitable compensation for all affected mineworkers.
  2. JUST ADMINISTRATION – Speedy reform of institutions tasked with paying compensation. Simple claims and payments processes accompanied by sufficient staffing capacity to follow-through on claims within a reasonable time period. Admininstrative and diagnostic services must be decentralised and established in all present and former labour sending areas. Accountability and transparency in executing these reforms must be reflected in quarterly reports to Parliament and civil society.
  3. JUST LEGAL REFORM - Speedy legal reform to enable just compensation for all affected mineworkers. Elected representatives of the people must take up this issue and push for legal reform as a matter of the highest urgency.

You can support the campaign in the following ways:

  • Take the pledge today and sign the petition to demand Just Compensation for miners.
  • Attend or Host a film screening near you.
  • Mobilize your community to join the Campaign for just compensation.
  • Support the community of mine-workers through offering your skills and services through development initiatives or funding thereof.

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